18Mar '10

Me: Then and Now

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This is how I looked:


 (photo by my fantastic assistant and pal Jen Dodd)

This is how I look now:


SERIOUSLY! I haven’t had a cold for years, and this is what it is like? How do all of you people who get colds and flus regularly cope.
I feel like I look like a walking crumpled up Kleenex with some red beady eyes – and the accompanying sound effects are sooooo sexy.
Luckily this week was mainly an office week, and luckily I am going to throw this cold to the curb by the weekend.

Thank you to the following for sponsoring the for sponsoring the kick the cold to the curb project: Merigold Natural Pharmacy, friends on Facebook, Zen Zero.  my child who has let me play games on her ipod and my wonderful friend Ingrid for telling me she can still see a bit of my post holiday glow under the sickness layer.