15Jul '16

Comox Valley Artist – Marianne Enhorning

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I walked into  the cooperative art space Art Alchemy,  during the Christmas holiday season. I was anticipating a pleasurable evening ,enjoying an art show. What I didn’t expect, was to be moved, almost instantaneously to tears. After climbing the stairs, I made a right, and then a left, into the main room and was taken dramatically aback upon seeing a specific painting  – there was unicorns, and buildings, it was solid and also playful.

I have never had that response to a piece of work.  The memory I will carry from that evening, beyond  it being the expected pleasurable,  was talking with the owner of the painting about the piece, which lead to the swapping of some meaningful stories.  I relish how it brought us together.

Since then, I have followed Marianne’s art, and continued to marvel at the exquisite combinations of warm and cool tones and the choices around space.  When I see some of her paintings,  I feel them  in my gut.. (yes, really) and then it creeps upward.

As is often the case when working with a visual artist talent like Marianne, I was a little overwhelmed when I began photographing, but as is also typically the case, we settled into a energy that was so enjoyable, learning more about each other along the way, and now, I appreciate her work even more.

You can find her (work-in-progress) website HERE