16Nov '11

Making me look better

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My McKinnon Photography logo was created 11 years ago – it was perfect! Eleven years ago when I moved here, when I was still shooting film, when I barely spent time on the computer, when many of my clients didn’t have email and blogging and facebook wasn’t even an idea. 

I loved my logo and it has served me well. 
However, I have changed and so has my style. I was more than ready for a new look and Better Mousetrap was where I turned. I have worked with marketing whiz Lisa Henderson, the founder for years, she has been my client, I have been hers and we have worked together on projects for shared clients. Earlier this year, Emma Payton joined the business as a partner. Emma has a background in business management, and I have seen her magic at play both as a client, and with our shared clients and friends. Then there is Brenna Scott, I swear I would hire Better Mousetrap just to hang with her. She is full of on-line marketing solutions, creative ideas, press release magic and much more. Recently joining the crew is Jenny Deters, who has a reputation in this town for her caring, professionalism and skill in sales and marketing – she is one of those gals that makes things happen, she also happens to be my co-founding partner in the Love Affair Wedding Show (oh… total tangent.. look for a big announcement about the Love Affair Wedding Show next week, but meanwhile mark your calendar for March 3rd.) 
These are the gals of Better Mousetrap. These are the gals that created my new logo for me and have created marketing magic for many local associations and businesses. When they did their presentation to me I was prepared for them to have to go back to the drawing board, photographers are picky like that, however, they nailed it right off and I am thrilled. 
I really hope you all like it … but…. you will have to wait until the New Year until I share! 
Meanwhile meet Lisa, Emma, Brenna and Jenny – the talented gals of Better Mousetrap. Now, one thing is missing from this photo – partner and marking fabuloso ( made that word up – good one eh?) – Jason Clayton. Don’t worry Jason – we talked about you the whole time! http://bettermousetrap.ca/about