2Jan '17

Lucy & Geoff – Comox Valley Photographer

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Dear Lucy and Geoff

It’s hard to believe you are married. We have all been looking forward to this night for so long. Dates, timing, decor, signature drink (you nailed it!)  – there was a lot to put in rows, and other factors to  push aside to get here. It was worth it though, because it was perfect, ( having been to more than 200 weddings,  I think it is  fair to say I have a good basis for evaluation.)

Lucy, I will always remember the moment when you were getting your dress on, and you looked at your bed, and said, “my husband will now sleep here.” There was reflection and gratitude, elements I know you will always bring to your marriage, just like you do the rest of your life. Although you were dressed to the nines, and looked impeccable,  all night you were still just Lucy –  as transparent and honest as you always are –  looking for meaning and not holding back emotion.

Lucy, you have been a gift in my life and are a big part of the woman I am right now. You have offered me understanding and friendship that doesn’t come along too often in life and I think I can safely speak for many of your friends when I say that “you get us.” It is one of your gifts. You have a natural ability to connect and help people strive, while celebrating who we are at that moment. Plus, you are hilarious. I could write pages about the moments I have collecting with you that bring me to tears. I’m so thankful you have Geoff to stand by your side – to laugh at your jokes, and to ensure you always feel “known” so you are able to shine when you desire, and retreat when you need it. Geoff, you are a wonder. Wise, inquisitive, charismatic and trustworthy. Everything about your role in Lucy’s life makes sense. Your deep understanding of love and commitment and fierce approach to both, is inspired and I just look forward to learning more from you.

The two of you are magic, it is indescribable. I looked around the room during your ceremony and everyone was feeling it. There was an abundance of tears, along with some uncontrollable giggles – perfect. It was a room full of magnificent people in awe of receiving the gift of being there with you two.

Thank you.

I love you both.



Hair: Ashley at Roots the Salon

Makeup: Chloe from Chloe Glows