7Jan '10

Love List Number 1 (of the year that is)


I know some of you are itching to see the results of the shoot that me and my gals did on Monday – they are coming.
Also, we plan to announce some Chicks who Click news via the newsletter next week.

Today though is love list day, because there is lots to love, we are talking BIG LOVE (speaking of which one of my favorite guilty pleasures, the TV show Big Love starts this Sunday – whoo hoo.)

1. Best Personal Trainer in Canada
Yup, we have some hard-lovin’ trainers in this town, but today it is about Sarah Seeds, from Equilibrium Lifestyle Management, who was recognized by Get Out There Magazine as the best personal trainer in Western Canada. If you know Sarah you aren’t surprised that her trainees nominated her to a big old win! I have had the pleasure of doing photos for Sarah and having her try to whip me into an iron woman. Rumor on the street is she just put a cookbook out, which I have to get my hands on. Cookbooks are my crack.

2. Clean Eating
I have been predominantly wheat and sugar free since the summer (short of some massive brief failures and never including Baileys and coffee,) and I challenged my sugar addicted fella John to join the ranks of the sugar free lifestyle – this has to be on the love list, because a few days from now, as he detoxes from his addiction there might be no love there.
One of our other children has joined the sugar free, wheat free ranks and her three times a day crying spells have hit the road – hallelujah!

3. Hair Product
Much like I never thought I would dress my dog I never thought hair product would become so important to me. Enter Roots the Salon’s Tsunami product- I could wear my 1990’s sweat pants and still go out to work feeling confident with a little tsunami action.

4. Helen Austin
Get her autograph now, while she has time, she is burnin up. Her music has been licensed for tv shows, commercials, love that she can meet at this success from our little town – what an inspiration.

5. The Swell Season
Is it to early in the year to name my fave album of the year? This is the duo behind the music from the movie Once.

6. Comox Valley Business Awards
Today at noon the nomination process closes for the bus awards. You can nominate someone online, there are lots of catagories, so chances are your fave business will fit in somewhere. Take a minute and do it – it is great for bus to get that feedback. When we took home Small Business of the year last year it was very meaningful to me, so take a sec and show some love.
Nomination Form

I am off for a breakfast meeting, yummy and exciting as we will be chatting about a top-secret project that kind of scares the pants of me –  then a maternity and newborn session.
Then, Friday night family time. Busy day, good day.