10Jun '10

Love List, kind of

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It has been too longs since I shared a love list. I think about writing one, but get overwhelmed, there is lots to love.

I want to share a few local blogs that I adore, perhaps this will become a regular blog feature.
So, let’s start just with two.

First, there is the blogs of all blogs. I imagine many of my blog readers are already tapped into Our Big Earth, but just in case a few of you aren’t on the bandwagon yet, I wanted to take care of you.


Robin and her team at Our Big Earth are a resource for local events, personalities and issues. They are the go-to place for crafting ideas, home-schooling thoughts, foodie goodness, gardening, ageing issues and buckets more. Yes, it is a lot but they manage to put it together in a pretty package.
I know when the site started it was seen just as a place for young families, but it is so much more.
They are also the folks behind the 30 day eating local food challenge, so you want to get on the Our Big Earth bandwagon now, as the challenge is kicking off any day now and is filled with demo’s and more.


“I knew her when”

That’s what you are going to be saying about Helen Austin. This local singer/songwriter’s music is everywhere right now, movies, tv shows, producers are calling her non-stop.

I have been working with Helen, creating her photos, for her last few albums and her creativity intimidates me, really, who can write songs like that?  She is a down-to earth, funny and incredibly giving. Really, Helen, how many fund raisers can you perform at ?


Check these folks out, support them, follow them, love them……