8Oct '10

Love for Jenn, it’s a movement people


If you live in the Comox Valley and are on Facebook you have probably heard people buzzing about the Love for Jenn movement.

and you have probably visited Jenn’s Blog (if you haven’t it’s a MUST read – but be prepared for some serious inspiration.)

Jen, Dave and Coady popped in to the studio last Saturday:


At the age of 28, Jenn was diagnosed with
breast cancer, she fought like a rock star and kicked it. It recently
metastasized to her lymphatic system. Currently there is no chemotherapy designed
for the type of cancer that she has, so Jenn is seeking alternative cancer
These treatments are costly and require travel outside of the Comox

When the idea for a fund-raiser was formed we knew it would be great. But did we know that every-time we would talk about it we would get goosebumps? Seriously, the support this community offers is beyond goodness..

It’s going to be a great event, with amazing auction items.
Tickets will be available tomorrow (Saturday the 9th) at Green Room and at The Freakin’ Coffeeshop bright and early Tuesday morning. We imagine it will sell out quickly!