7Apr '11

Little Toads in a Tree Part. 1

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I have been holding out on you. I have wanted to share this for weeks and now here it is.

shoot was created for Toad in A Tree designs out of Campbell River.
Entrepreneurial creative cats Amanda and Kim, design and make hats,
clothing, diaper bags and carriers that are stylish,  functional and
full of love.
This shoot connected with me on so many levels.

I love how their work comes from a place of passion, friendship,
entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to have meaningful work while
balancing raising young children. 

2. When we first met and
discussed concept, we connected quickly on an idea I had been
brainstorming, but didn’t have the resources to actualize, instantly we
were on the same page.

3. If you are a regular blog reader you
have read about Toad in a Tree and how they have made a signature hat
for the Love From Jenn Foundation. I love a business that finds a way to
give back. I believe it is about more than giving back, it is about
having increased meaning in your work everyday.

4. The shoot
itself went smoother than could have imagined. We photographed more than
a dozen children, and didn’t feel any stress throughout the day. I tell
no lies.These kids OWNED their shoots, they brought it. Thank you mom
and dad’s who brought their little beauties.

5. Kim and Amanda,
you two are the good ones, thank you for finishing my sentences and
allowing me to finish yours. Thank you for being bold with your
thoughts. Thank you for being collaborates. This is how the sweet stuff

Toad in A Tree is working on a new website for now you
can visit them here. Their products are available in many stores
including Podlings in Courtenay and Kidlets in Campbell River.