1Jul '10

Lindsay & Kyle say I do

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It was the first wedding of the summer season. I had high hopes. Thoughts of a day that focused on the the reason we are were there – friends, family, celebration and commitment.
It was, perfect.
The weather, despite a dismal week, was lovely. The location, Olympic View Golf Course, was beautiful and bursting with green, and the bride and groom, were stunning.
Kyle and Lindsay and I had never met in person, many phone calls had occured, where they spoke of their photo nerves and how they were uncreative accountant types. But really, I didn’t believe them. The wedding they put together was full of class, flair and whimsy – (hello, dream world amazing candy table,) and emotion and they were so at home in front of the camera – Kyle even busted out some dance moves for us. Never mind the fact that they are both gorgeous!

Lindsay and Kyle, thank you for having us, and it my sincere hope that you were able to take in all the love and adoration that surrounded you that day – it was powerful stuff!

Enjoy your photos and than you for the kind words you sent us (once again, you were awesome in front of the camera!)

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