9Sep '11

I was even a little bored

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So for august I did something a little radical, for me that is. I just stopped. Other than photographing weddings and processing them, I did no work – really – none. Selah and I packed up and moved to Hornby Island for the month. My step-children were away with other family and John was working, so most of the time it was just the two of us.  The month was about slowing down, disconnecting from computers, and spending extensive time with my mom and step-dad. 
It was incredible – here is a little de-brief of our time: 
– I was not a stressed at all – rarely did I say or think – “I need to…….”
– We woke up late and just passed time, we hit the beach, the couch, rode our bikes, ate blackberries, played games and read. 
– I am thankful my 8 eight year old likes to read – a lot. Many hours were sitting on the beach reading with her.  Not once, did the eight year old tell me she was bored.  She also thinks that cuddling is an activity. I am so incredibly thankful that the two of us sync so well. 
– My mom and step-dad are really as fabulous as I always think they are.
– Christine, my office-manager/work-wife, also is really as fabulous as I always think she is.
– Only once did I feel restless. Which is quite something considering my life is usually go,go,go. The feeling lasted about 15 minutes. I think I actually was experiencing a bit of minimal boredom – which was such a luxury and an oddity
– Spending extended time with myself, my true self, not what anyone wants or needs me to be, was like a huge deep breath. 
– I was expecting for it to be life changing, not so, just life affirming. I am slightly addicted to personal growth and to learning. So it seems I was even able to take a break from that. A true holiday. 
– I smile, a little indulgent smile, thinking about it. It was one of my best choices in years. It will be annual event. 
xoxoxo Hornby Island –