28Jul '11

Leakey Love- Vancouver Island Family Photography

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I really don’t have to write more than LOVE. Because that is the word that best describes them. I fell for the Leakey’s when I photographed Sarah and Sean’s wedding, it was such an honour to be part of their celebration and get to know them well enough to call them friends. 

Sean, Sarah, parents Wayne and Jan and sister Jenny came together for a photo shoot and Sean and Sarah’s house last week. They are such a connected family, who vacation together, bike together, and really just thrive on spending time with each other. They all have much in common and share a similar sense of humor.  You really can feel the respect and friendship they have with each other. 
The pleasure was all mine when it came to photographing them as they are just so much fun to be around with. I am surprised we even managed to squeeze images in with all the chit-chat! 
I have to give Wayne a little special treatment, and share this photo first, (your comment about my hair gave you extra cred!)