27May '11

Launching an exciting new product tomorrow at Babies, Bellies and Birth Fair

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Come visit us tomorrow! Christine and I will be at the Babie’s Bellies and Birth Fair held at the Native Sons Hall from 10 to 4 tomorrow. 

We are thrilled to once again be a sponsor of this top-notch super friendly event. Last year was the first year and people were raving about it. 
I will also be speaking at 1:45 about preserving your photos. We will talk about backing up,workflow, printing and anything else that comes up. If time allows I also promised to give some photography tips. 
You can see all the information on the event Facebook page
And in other news… 
After years of considering a One Year Baby Plan, and changing my mind, then getting re-excited about it, then not having it feel just right … we have finally hit the mark and created something that feels just right for us, and provides amazing value for our clients. 
So tomorrow we will be launching our McKinnon Photography Baby Plan, I are really proud of it and looking forward to sharing it tomorrow.