15Oct '09

Kim, Scott & Hannah Courtenay Family Photographer

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Blogging this session actually pained me. Why?

1. Too many favorites
2. Too many favorites
3. Too many favorites
4. Too many favorites
5. Too many favorites
6. Couldn’t decide what to blog. Why you ask?
7. Too many favorites
8. Too many favorites
9. Too many favorites
10. Too many favorites

Scott and Kim were one of my first wedding clients in the Comox Valley and their family holds a very special place in my heart.

cook024.jpgLove, love, this shot of mom and Hannah,  makes me want to hug my kids even after they lie to me about brushing their teeth.

And really, between these two how do you choose what to blog?

cook018.jpgAlso, Kim has given me permission to share some exciting news. She has recently joined the team at Impact Visual Communications, where I know she is being warmly welcomed and is going to do an amazing job.
We have the opportunity to work with Impact often and always welcome the experience. You should check out their portfolio on-line.