4Nov '19

Kim & Rob and their fabulous give-it-all party – Parksville


While their initial meeting in their undergrad years at UBC might have played a role, we need to say thank you for long boring meetings – or else these two might never have become the awesomeness that is Kim and Rob as a couple (with the recent addition of baby Roz to level them up a notch). It was after a long orientation meeting, that required a post-work beer that Kim and Rob began their trajectory to becoming a duo.

In the summer every wedding I capturing  feels like an honor and my energy for it never runs dry, but sometimes there is a wedding that has you extra full of all the good feels. It’s a wedding where:

  • people come from as far away as Wales to celebrate with someone they love deeply
  • the bride welcomes you by trying to share her gluten-free pizza (be still my celiac heart)
  • everyone is laughing so hard during the ceremony that they are crossing their legs extra hard
  • the bride and groom  make a wedding guest signing book and in it a page is dedicated to each guest, and filled with photos of that person

That last point – did you read that? A beautiful book featuring a page for each guest. Rob and Kim in our pre-planning conversations kept saying they really do not know how to throw a wedding. However, they did it just right. Their way, celebrating their luck in finding each other, and the deep friendships that surround them. It was an incredible day full of laughter, comfort and memory making.

Rob and Kim, thank you for sharing your day with me and my assistant Sarah. It was a pleasure to be inspired by your relationship and to enjoy your wonderful friends and family.

Ceremony and Reception: Tigh-Na-Mara Resort

Makeup: Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa