30Jul '10

Kelsey and Mike Say I do


When I walked into the Old House Village Suites where Kelsey was getting ready, my jaw hit the floor. Kelsey looked stunning and was beyond well styled, from hair, to accessories and of course dress and makeup her look came together flawlessly. Add to that her giggly smile and stunning blue eyes and she looked drop-dead gorgeous.

Although Mike and Kelsey knew of each other in high school, the love connection didn’t  happen until  a Halloween party years later. Mike was dressed as a crazy doctor and Kelsey was wearing a children’s horse outfit that had to be cut partly down the middle in order to fit,  It was a last minute get-up that her and some friends grabbed at the store. Little did Kelsey know, that this would be the outfit she would be wearing on the day her future husband fell for her.

That’s just the kind of gal Kelsey is,she is even irresistible in a children’s horse outfit.
I asked Mike what he first noticed about Kelsey that Halloween night, – “How gorgeous she was,” he said, “and then I got to know how kind she is.”

As for Mike, Kelsey still can’t get over his stunning warm smile. I would have to agree. At one point I was setting up an edgy portrait of Mike, and I just couldn’t make it work, because his smile was so sweet and kind.

When I did engagement portraits with Mike and Kelsey in the spring, I got a good sense of who they are and what matters to them.Their wedding day was a perfect reflection of that. It was classy but very warm and laid back. It was personal, it was thoughtful and more than anything it was fun.

With a ceremony held at the Filberg Park and Lodge followed by a reception at a family home, I would have to say, everything about this day brought smiles.

Thank you Kelsey and Mike, you know I adore you, and now my assistant Krystal has a friend crush on you was well.

To see a version of their slide show large and with music click HERE