24Jan '11

Karamanis Family on the Rink

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When the Karaminis family called me and asked about shooting at the rink my answer of course, was heck ya!! Okay, well, I am sure I said something more professional, but you get the idea.

I loved that they gave some thought into having a session that captured their boys passion, and that they were willing to work with me to make the rink session happen. Getting rink time in these parts is no easy feat. So, we ended up photographing at 7:30 a.m.  What I really adored is the ages of the boys. It seems parents have their children photographed regularly until they are 5, then they stop and professional portraiture is shelved until a wedding – seriously!! Ages 8 to 16 is a fabulous time to photograph. These boys are at an amazing age, full of milestones and growth.

Thank you fella’s for being so fabulous to photography – you are both full of charm!


and the real champion of hockey, the hockey mom and dad…