8Jan '20

Kara and Terry married amongst the bright lights – Comox Valley photographer


I am a community theatre groupie. I have never been a groupie of any sort, it just isn’t my style – until recently. My shy teen daughter went to a local musical (SHREK, if you want to know) and when we left she said, “I need to do that.” Many productions later she has found her passion as a stage manager and I have found my role as gushing mom. Yes, I gush over my daughter, but it is more out of control than that. I get happy/grateful weepie when I see any local show. And when I talk about the community?  The people that champion the youth, that show up quietly behind the scenes, well I get a bit embarrassingly ranty at how magical they are. It is within that magical space that I first heard of Kara. My daughter was wowed by her, and I followed suite.  I was curious – this woman could create moving costumes, and on top of that, was a skilled and charismatic performer – she danced, sang and acted. And say what? Suddenly I saw her art on display in the community. What an incredible talent, who also laughed easily, radiated warmth and was whip smart. So when she called me about photographing her wedding you know how I reacted – right? I was ridiculously excited to get to know more about her and witness such a special event. But I wondering, who was this guy she was marrying?

It wasn’t until just before the wedding that I was able to get to know Terry and I adored him immediately. He hangs on to Kara’s every word, and looks at her with such pride and loving wonder. He has a warm, inviting smile that he also shares with the rest of the world. Within a short time of sitting at their kitchen table I was taken in by his wit and kindness and I felt like I had known him much longer than a lunchtime chat.

Kara and Terry met ten years ago while tree planting. The plans for a wedding emerged organically as daydreams about parties, or organizing a vacation that would bring their families together shaped into the idea exchanging of vows. On a brisk December day, along with their family and a few close friends these two held a ceremony at their church and then settled into a evening of delicious food, good beer and laughter with their loved ones.  Their families had never been together, and they integrated seamlessly. Kara and Terry’s beloved cats received tons of snuggles, good beer was consumed and laughter could be heard from outside. I would say it was just right. Thank you Terry and Kara for welcoming us into your world, I look forward to when you cross the bridge to our neck of the woods and join us for beer and reminiscing.

Huge thank you to the Kingfisher Resort for letting us play in their incredible light display.


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