28Jul '16

I just had a total meltdown, but this helped

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I just had a melt-down. I am working on a school assignment, the first one I am not enjoying. I read the words, and then I read them again. I moved from my school desk to the patio.  I tried again.  Still there is a piece I can’t make sense of.  I can’t walk away and come back to it tomorrow, there are due dates to consider of course. So I knocked out a draft and then cried, accepting I felt totally overwhelmed. This acceptance made me realize that there were some other things at play, some exhaustion at trying to sort out how to help a loved one in need, and feeling a bit emotional about helping my daughter pack for her trip away to camp (super thrilled for her but man, am I going to miss her.)

The combo was bringing me to this moment of self-defeated thinking.  So time to blow off some steam. ” What are you going to do?” asked my kid, assuming hopefully I would go to my usual grounding activity of making cookies and eating the dough. “I’ll go write something,” was my wild and not as tasty, but still well-received suggestion.

I gathered a hug from my kid, then walked to the office to pick one up from Christine. Both of those helped. Then I saw this. This beautiful woman. Just looking at her photo levelled me out. Karen and I have known each other since our children were entering school. We were part of the original families at the Montessori School. Since then we have both been through growing, challenging and stretching our identities and changing the framework of our lives. I reconnected with her when I photographed her wedding last year to the most wonderful man. All my interactions with her are beautiful and honest.

She is a woman of great beauty. She is fierce in every way – in her humour, her physical strength, her intention and her love. When you give her truth, you can see her light up.

Seeing her photos gives me gratitude and reminds me where we have come from, and what is possible.  Thank you for the gift of being my client, my friend and making today a little gentler.

These images of Karen were taken as part of the culmination in her participation in the Body Shift project that I co-facilitated with Studio IPF: Inner Pursuit Fitness.