6Jul '11

Juicy Summer Days

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Life is busy – I work full-time, John does camp work and is gone half the time, we have four kids. I do most of my work when the girls are at school and pull some long days when John is here. We have a groove and it works for our family. 

But then summer comes, and I feel like I have to grab it, all of it, before it shrinks away again. 

This is where the  flexibility of being self-employed has substantial value. I don’t know how those of you who are not self-employed do it. Yes, self-employment comes with late nights and sometimes early morning email sessions and yes, I often go 10 days without a day off,  yes, I check my i-phone often, but I get to play on my schedule. 
Honestly, I am writing this at 10:43 p.m. Typically I don’t blog at night, and when I do I will proof it in the morning – just to be on the safe side. But I love that I can do that, I love that my job and technology allows me to play hooky with my children.  
This is what my last four days looked like: 
I got up early, made a coffee and moved through about an hour of work. Then I put on the parent, hat get the kids moving for whatever the days plans are. Then, back to the office to squeeze a wee bit more in. Then we are off. The last four days brought: two beach trips, mini-golf, two 30 day local food challenge events  a campout, an intense kid-led living room craft session, two bike rides, July 1 festivities, a trip to Benino Gelato, some baking, and dinner with friends. Kids are tucked in by 8:30 and here I am back to work until 11. 
Now, not every day is like this, tomorrow I will work in the morning and then again in the afternoon and evening – but I have guaranteed the kids a bike ride in between, because I can and for this I am feeling very grateful today. 
Today, (remember I am writing this late at night) we spent the morning at Ashberry Farms on Royston Road picking berries as part of the 30 Day Local Food Challenge  – it was heaven, and so is the fresh organic strawberry margarita I am drinking right now.