24May '12

Josh and Asia – Engaged

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I feel so fortunate to be the photographer for Josh and Asia’s 2013 Victoria, BC Wedding. Last year I captured Josh’s sister’s  Maui Wedding and during that time was able to get a peak into how fabulously fun these two are. Josh and Asia…. just thinking about them makes me smile… ok, and laugh.

Together they are hilarious. Whip smart, cheeky, flirty, and totally kind – what else could you want in a client?

Although Josh especially, is full of quick whitted attitude, it can’t mask is adoration for Asia – he is obviously totally smitten and rightfully so. Not only is she gorgeous, she is sweet, smart and keeps him grounded!

We had such a great time on this session from running in traffic to climbing ladders. I wouldn’t expect anything less with these two.