20Oct '09

Joel Lamaroux Comox Valley Photographer

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There is an abundance of inspiration out there in web world – and some of it is homegrown Comox Valley talent. Many of you are familiar with Joel Lamaroux as the morning show host on Jet FM, but he, like all of us, wears a few different hats and has a story.

Joel, on his blog and through speaking engagements, is sharing his story of going from 600 pounds to the healthy weight he is today, it was and continues to be quite a journey  and a read though it offers something for everyone.

To say he is an inspiration is an understatement.

I could write a top ten list every day, that was a bit different each
time, with the things I love about my work. A constant on the list
would be that I am invited into peoples world which gives me a regular
reminder that assumptions are meant to be challenged, that everyone has
something to give, and that we are all, in so many ways, the same.