8Jul '13

Jessie and Oliver say I do with grace



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It started on a regular day that turned unforgettable. Jessie was looking out the window from her work, and noticed some very handsome firefighters across the street. She made “the obvious decision”  and on her lunch break sauntered over to check out the scene. It was kind of ho-hum, until a very charming and handsome fellow came over  and introduced himself.

From his perspective, he was busy taking part in a fire-prevention display, when Jessie strutted into his view, he immediately pushed aside his co-workers to ensure he was the fellow who got to give her a tour of the truck, it was a good thing he did, as this chance meeting let to a very successful date and and eventually, the beautiful celebration I had the privilege of photographing on June 23rd.

When I arrived at Crown Isle, the girls were busy getting their hair and makeup done, and the mood was so relaxed and kind, so much so that I knew the day would be full of grace. As soft raindrops fell outside, the energy grew slightly more nervous and Jessie and her parents and bridesmaid sisters watched guest gather at the gazebo. By the time Jessie walked down the aisle to a beaming Oliver, the nervous energy seemed to drift away as hugs, and smiles were shared. The ceremony, performed by a friend was full of meaningful glances along with laughter.. which really set the tone for the rest of the day.

Jessie and Oliver, you are a dream to work with. The way you melt into each other, nuzzling, smirking, and glowing, still brings a smile to my face. A big thank you to the both of you, and your attentive wedding party, for having so much fun with us. As you continue your venture forward to a new town as husband and wife, I wish you joy and love and that the feeling of June 23rd stays close to your heart.

Ceremony and Reception Location: Crown Isle Resorts

Hair: Megan Griffiths from Hairpins Salon

Make-up: Kayla-Rae from Roots the Salon

Cake: Cake Bread

Dress: Lisa’s Bridal in New Westminster

Music for the slideshow licensed through Songfreedom

Thank you to my fabulous assistant Joanne Timms