22Oct '11

Jesse & Rebecca Engaged

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Rebecca, Jesse and I had been going back and forth about what date to book for their engagement session. They were coming from out of town, and somehow our schedules seemed to be completely opposite – plus we were hitting some bad weather. When we talked about postponing this session, as the weather was not on our side, and they were driving here from out of town, Rebecca said “we just really need to do this now.” These two run busy lives, between children, jobs and planning a wedding they needed some “them time” and trust me, I get that. 

What Rebecca go was that the engagement session was a time for them to take a deep breath together, be close, think about them as couple, and the step they will be making when they say “I do” next year.
It’s true. Engagement sessions are many things. A wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other better, a chance to practice being in front of the camera, a time to have photos together not in your wedding wear and a way to create some unique photos to make a signature book for your wedding. My favorite thing about them though, is they are romantic and they are couple time, something often oddly lacking leading up to having a wedding. Rebecca and Jesse got that and because of that, the sun, not intending to arrive, came out and joined us. 
Thank you Rebecca and Jesse, for the lovely day of playing together. Thank you for the great laughs and letting me see who you are as a couple.