1Oct '18

Jenna & Brendan beyond their wildest dream – Parksville wedding photographer

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They took quite the epic journey to find each other, (well that’s actually an understatement) but when they did, well it was all there, it was bigger than the love they had always dreamed of. It had attraction, similar values, friendship, respect, acceptance, encouragement, and understanding. With it came shared interests and the desire for the same future. Jenna and I have known each other for many years and her beautiful and honest heart has always drawn me to her.

Brendan, well, I just knew of him through the gym we all go to. Everyone knew about Brendan because he is a remarkable person.

So when I, and undoubtedly many others, heard they were a couple, my heart cheered (yes, I am pretty sure that is a thing,) when I found out I was to be their wedding photographer I couldn’t have been more honoured.

These two wow each other with their gentle and loving hearts, with the way they have embraced each other’s families. They laugh together and calm each other down. It is the epitome of contentment.

Their wedding at The Tigh-na-mara resort was filled with emotion, laughter, intent, and sentiment and in that way, was a beautiful reflection of who they are.

From the first look before the ceremony to Jenna and surprising Brendan with an insane choreographed dance, the whole day was alive with celebration, it still brings a ridiculous smile to my face. So much adoration for you Jenna and Brendan, and I am so looking forward to the beautiful journey that awaits you.


Reception and Ceremony: Tigh-na-mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre

Dress: Stella York

Make up by the bride

Cake by Cakebread

DJ: Drop the needle DJ

Hair: Brynn Eves Stangeland