5Aug '11

Jen, Ron and Crew

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Life changes. Quickly. I re-connected with Jen ten years ago, when I walked into a room and our radars went up, remembering each other from our elementary years. I was new here, so was she, and having someone that was from our past, gave us an instant connection and comfort. 

I remember perfectly getting together for coffee, she had just met Ron, and was optimistic about where it would lead. Now they have a full life together, with three beautiful children, careers they enjoy (Jen is basically a famous massage therapist at Harbourview in Comox,)  a fabulous home and a dynamic group of friends. 
Jen and Ron are a stunning couple and were easy to photograph – seriously you two! I  adored capturing the different personalities of each of their little people – all so very different and so very, very cute!  I just wish we got to spend more time together – xoxoxo