1Sep '09

Jen and family kick us off

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I have a lot backed up to blog, as I was holding off until the new blog was up.  If you haven’ t caught on yet, I am a pretty sentimental person. So as I break in the new blog, I had to start with something special.

 Jen + Dave + Cody = Special

Facts about Jen

– I photographed Jen and Dave’s wedding five years ago and from the initial meeting forward they have wowed me.

 –  We met at their home and it was the funkiest most well co-ordinated paint colors I had ever seen – I decided then and there never to have boring decor. My spring green living room wall is inspired by Jen.
– During their engagement shoot I took one of my favorite photos ever. It was my first time really rocking the off-camera flash, and the photo turned out amazing. It was a pivotal moment for me where I decided from there forward I would always take creative risks.

– Their wedding was not your ordinary run of the mill wedding. Jen and Dave’s sister, a maid of honor, partook in a very muddy bike race the morning of the wedding, and mid wedding we took a break from the festivities while Dave accepted his medal. I remember how honoured I felt to be at their wedding, which was filled with so much love and personality. 

– Last year, Jen called me for a different type of photo. She was fighting breast cancer and we marked this time in her life with a solo photo session in the studio. Through her treatment Jen kept a blog, and wrote beautifully, bravely and honestly about what she was going through.
It is a moving and worthwhile read. Here’s the link: Baby Will You love me when I am bald

– Jen is part of my book club a crew of gals who are so meaningful and necessary in my life. 

– Jen and Dave made Cody, a stunning charmer who has way too much charisma for his young age.

So, in true mother form, she takes many photos of her hubby Dave and son Cody and she is missing.  So, off we went….. 

(Jen, I can’t look at these without hearing your laugh.)