29Jan '13

Jen – before the shoot and after

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Jen was one of the three chosen to help show all of you the power of a good photo. We took this before photo of Jen, straight on during an overcast day.

We then left her in the hands of make-up artist Kayla-Rea at Roots the Salon followed by some hair styling (no cutting or dying) with the lovely Ashley at Roots.

Jen, then with an extra spring in her step met me for her boudoir shoot.

We shot in a friends house and in the road, we used studio lights and  natural light and captured many different sides of  her.

Jen, simply is  stunning – her eyes, her smile – they are just a manifestation of what is inside her. I was honored to photograph her marriage a few years ago and have been eager to have her in front of my lens again. Not only is she game for anything, but she laughs hardily and  lives honestly.

Thank you Jen, for leaving me with such great memories of a fabulous session – Karen

Make-up: Kayla-Rea at Roots the Salon

Hair: Ashleigh at Roots the Salon


So for those of you who tell me you want to have  session but your inner critic rears it disruptive voice, saying “You have never taken a good picture,” or “I am not photogenic.”

I ask of you to trust me. Let me create images of you in beautiful light, in the right mood, when you are feeling fabulous.  Let me give you that experience of looking at a photo and saying wow – I am beautiful.