31Jul '12

Jeany + Wayne say I do = sunshine

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When the clouds cleared mid ceremony and the sun came out  I don’t think anyone was surprised. That is just how Jeany and Wayne do things. They work with the end in mind, they see the sunshine in the hardship, and they see the joy in each other and what surrounds them.

Together they created a beautiful, meaningful day, that was a true reflection of who they are. The wedding was held in their meticulous (everyone was pretty sure Wayne actually measured each grass blade,) yet cozy, backyard – a place for friend to gather. Guests were welcomed by the charming Wayne, and the ceremony kicked off with some dancing, to add a little extra fun to the day.

With a thoughtful guest list, everyone at the wedding was someone very special to them, so the day was spent visiting, hugging and sharing love.

We snuck off for a super quick photo session though to the place of their first date.

It truly was a bright and sunny day, in so many ways.

xoxoxo Jeany and Wayne, with love, Karen

Thank you to my lovely assistant Jennifer Dodd Photography

Catering: Tria Culinary Studio (yummmm….)

Hair: Extreme Ends

Make-up: Sarah Lund at Extreme Ends

Flowers and Cake: Thrifty Foods