3Jun '12

Jay and Steph – best friends engaged

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Jay and Steph have something I have always romanticized, they have history. Trust me…… I am happy that I didn’t chose to settle down with any of my high school sweethearts, but when I meet a couple that has, I do feel some envy for the way that they know each other, their shared friends, the fact that they are already in each others family.  Jay and Steph made their way though the end of high school together and now, as Jay has embarked on his accounting career, Steph is just finishing up her degree in education.

They are adorable together and just being with them for an evening I can see how much they click, they have  rhythm,they know each others needs, likes and what makes each other smile.

Steph’s gorgeous smile lit up our evening session, especially when she folded in Jay’s arms.

Their easy way with each other, spilled over in the shoot, where we were given warm light, beautiful grasses and a classic Comox ocean background and had a session that just flowed so smoothly – just like  these two do.