3Jun '11

Sarah + Jesse TENder session

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Sarah and Jesse are strong – they are the love you dream about. Mid session as we were walking behind their shed I saw a sign,  on it was carved “Jesse loves Sarah” – Jesse was trying out a new tool and this is what he carved, because that is just the kind of guy he is. He has this undeniable class mixed with warmth and old-fashioned wholesomeness and love for his family. Sarah radiates acceptance, love and giving, especially when it comes to friends and family and the love of her life, Jesse. 

This morning I had goosebumps through their photos and sent Sarah a little message about it. This is what she sent back:


Oh Karen I am so excited. I have always wanted this kind of photo done as we have none of us. I am usually taking the pictures. I feel that they will be a part of us forever and ones the kids and grandkids will get to see and marvel at us in our youth, and in our love. I feel like the luckiest women alive for so many reasons. But mainly because Jesse is truly my genuine treasure and my soul mate. I just know that will shine through in these photos. Thank you for giving us such a gift!!!”

Jesse and Sarah, you are inspired and thank you for letting me be part of it. 

Sarah, who is a serious craft and textile queen, made these beautiful quilts