5Aug '19

Jacquie and Paul on the top of the mountain – Courtenay Wedding Photographer


It began when they were co-workers. Through email and phone, Jacquie and Paul found they had a comfortable and enjoyable rapport. Eventually, they met in person, and as Paul said, “we shook hands and haven’t stopped talking to each other since.” Paul told me, it “was as if the room melted away, and we only saw each other.” That same thing happened at the wedding and while they looked into each other’s eyes, everyone else was admiring their deep romantic friendship built on kindness and a shared quirky sense of humour.

Jacquie and Paul have been engaged for 10 years. So when they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with friends, local and many from afar, it was quite the celebration. The guests all stayed the weekend with them at Wood Mountain Lodge on Forbidden Plateau which gave them the unique opportunity to get to know each other – which was very special.

Before their afternoon ceremony, we headed above the clouds to a peak overlooking the Comox Lake. It was a fantastic way to honour their love of the outdoors and the beautiful place they chose to get married. After photos, we joined back with the guests, where the charming Barbara Densmore oversaw an emotional flower ceremony. She shared some words from the bride and groom about each person and then handed them flowers. These flowers then were passed to the bride as she came in, and formed a very meaningful bouquet.

It was an incredible ceremony, fitting the feelings of unity throughout the day.

Jacquie and Paul, thank you for having me and my assistant Sasha join you for this incredible day. I am just so glad to know you two now <3.

Location: Wood Mountain Lodge

Celebrant: Barbara Densmore

Flowers: 5th Street Flowers

Makeup: Oh Spa

Food: Occasions Occasions Catering

Helicopter: 49th Helicopter

bride and groom on the top of a mountain