1Aug '18

Jacob & Ksenia Quadra Island wedding with epic scenery

In their first year as science students at the University of British Columbia, these two became study buddies and good friends and through that friendship, it is clear they developed a strong acceptance of each other, that allows them to work together as such a balanced team and to cheer each other on. Despite their long courtship, these two beamed on their wedding day as if they had just had the best first date of their life. She loves his selflessness, ambition and the way he makes her laugh, he loves her honest nature, the warmth of her smile and natural compassion. Together they are a dynamic team. On their wedding day they were surrounded by an intimate group of friends and family who travelled from Russia, Sweden, the US and Canada together for a stunning celebration at Gowlland Harbour Resort on Quadra Island (and while I wasn’t there covering the reception I had to share an image of their dining table because isn’t it just so beautiful?). Two best friends, declaring their love for each other on an epic canvas – thank you Ksenia and Jacob for this beautiful memory.
Dress: Everly Fine Bridal, http://www.everlyfinebridal.com/
Hair: Headquarters Hair Studio, https://www.facebook.com/HeadquartersCR/
Makeup: by the bride
Decorator and Planner and Location: Gowlland Harbour Resort