1Jul '10

The summer came just in time


Thankfully the summer holiday came just when it was time. It is time
for me to walk into the kids room in the morning and tell them to take
their time getting ready, it is time for me not to have to say “you
need to hurry” three times a day, it is time for me not to get
frustrated when the 7 year old is still singing away in bed at 11 p.m.,
it is time for us to be unscheduled, it is time for a big long slow

The last few months of school always see me hanging on, feeling
unmotivated and frustrated with the day to day kids schedule. So, the
summer break came just when this parent needed it, before my parenting
patience went to the dogs.

This summer I am trying a new schedule. I will be hanging with my
camera Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Thursday I will be
with the kids during the day and working in the office at night.
Of course, Christine will be in the office during the day and I will be popping in each day to make phone calls and put together my to-do list for the evening office time.
So ya’ll will still be well taken care of.

I feel really good about it.

We started yesterday, I was out with two of the girls, and they had a
request for a stop they wanted to make. I said, of course, but that we
would have to watch the time. Then it hit me.

We didn’t. We could be as long as we wanted. It freaked me out, I
called John, who was totally busy doing something else,  and kept him
on the phone for five long unnecessary minutes verbally processing how
weird it was.

Welcome summer holidays.