8Nov '11

It’s been awhile – my life

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It’s been awhile since I checked in and shared what is happening in our world. October was a fabulous month. Typically, it is a busy one for our family, we have two birthdays, thanksgiving, Halloween and it can be one of the busiest work months of the year for me. This year, we also threw in a trip to Hawaii for Mikhayla and Greg’s gorgeous wedding and a few commercial jobs. However, somehow, by luck or experience, the month was incredibly peacefull. Perhaps John and I are just getting better at rockin’ through the month, or maybe as the kids get older it gets easier. Either way, I’ll take it. October left me grounded, happy and excited. 

I am smiling about so many things that are happening in my work and family life. The big news in our home life is that a week ago I began homeschooling one of our children. I know your response might be something along the lines of,”Are you insane?”, “What are you thinking?” 
John and I have always felt strongly about supporting the education needs of our children, when it comes to both joyful and productive learning. When our youngest stopped showing interest in learning, it set of some alarms for us and with the support of our extended family, made the move to home learning. I am only in week two and it is heavenly.  I realize this could be a homeschooling honeymoon, however it flows so well with our life, I believe the bliss will last. I am doing office work early morning, my best time, and home schooling in the afternoon. This allows sessions to take place late afternoon and weekends – so far this schedule has worked phenomenal with bookings and the family. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be able to make this choice. How many jobs allow you to do this? 
I am finding my entry into homeschooling, creative, eye-opening and full of love – I am loving watching my child learn and having the opportunity for her to teach me more about her and the way she works. 
On the work front I am excited about the fundraiser we are supporting at Planet Kids. We are gung-ho to help raise the awareness of the need for new toys for Santa’s Workshop. Remember when you contribute you are entered to win the over $1000 portrait session and 
presentation items that I am going to be offering. 
I am also thrilled to report that most of my fall sessions HAVE NOT been rained out. I remember about three years ago when three weekends in a row hard rain forced the rescheduling of sessions. Sessions this year have even received some sun. 
I have also been busy working on some interesting and SEXY plans for next year. But.. this blog post is getting too long, and you probably have something you should be heading off to do, so  more on this next time.