29May '18

family portrait (throwback) beach session


This year I found myself falling deeper in love with family portraiture. As those in front of my camera share their memories of their first session with me and express what it meant to them. My favorite thing is hearing the kids laugh as they talk about the photos from the past and experiencing how excited they are to add to their families photo collection.

I have actually been photographing in this valley for 16 years now, and it is rare for me to be somewhere and not re-connect with someone who has been in front of my camera. These relationships, well, they have formed the fabric of my life here in the valley. They are my friends, my collaborators, my teachers and my inspiration. I can’t yet put into words the value this has added to my life, not the photographing, the meeting, the connecting, the documenting. I realize now that I can’t separate it from other parts of who I am anymore.

I recently had Mike, Lucinda and their two daughters in front of my camera again. A few days later I was at their home where I saw the photos from 9 years ago on their wall. I remember the day we took those photos perfectly.


Here they are recently, still laughing, still celebrating family – sometimes I think this is something we forget to keep doing as our kids become older. We created this session a few weeks ago and it ago will be another one that stays with me as illustrative of all the reasons I love my job. Huge thank you to this family for being such wonderful people, not just in front of the camera :), but in our community.