29Sep '10

Alonso and Isabel – Vancouver Island Children’s Photographer


One of the many perks of living in a small town is crossing paths with the same people in your regular day routine,and just by that you get to watch the children in your community grow up.

This session is one I love. Mom had been talking to me about creating photos for a  long time, and it felt great to have it done. We picked a neutral location that gave me tons of creative options and felt true to the family. Mom stepped back and let me do my thing. Now you all know that recently I have been blogging about photographing your children separately as part of the session – and these photos are a great example of capturing two very different children.
Alonso has such different exprensions, a bit serious, but sometimes silly and Isabel was all about the peaceful and pretty.
Such gorgeous,engaging and interesting kids.

Alonso and Isabel, spending the morning with you was just glorious – thank you!