30May '11

Introducing Cash – Comox Valley Newborn Photography

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Sweet Cash. First I will gush about him. This little fella came earlier than expected, but he is a trouper and despite a little stressful start, is growing and developing like a champ. He was a little sweet-pea during our session, barely made a peep and kept me me – oohing and ahhing throughout the session. He is adorable, including his little mohawk. 

Now to gush about mom and dad.  Courtenay and Bob are champs. I have known Courtenay for years and was crushed when I wasn’t available to photograph her wedding, then of course we had a maternity session in the works, but with Cash’s early arrival we missed out on that one, but it was all worth the wait, as I couldn’t imagine and sweeter first session together. 
Many of you know Courtenay as the owner of Bling Fashions. It is due to her, and only her, that I don’t wear a black V-Neck sweater more than I should. But in all honesty, now that the store is closed, it is dropping in and visiting with Courtenay that I, and I know many others, will miss the most. Bob, is the snuffalupagus of the relationship, we had never met and I was curious what type of fella had stolen Courtenay’s heart. Well it is easy to see why she is crazy for him. The love he has in his eyes for his gal and babe shines so very brightly, as does Bob’s fabulous personality – we all had a great time at this session – thank you Courtenay and Bob and welcome Cash, I am looking forward to watching you grow!