27Sep '12

Introducing Pria

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Meeting Pria was  wonderful. For those of you who have been to the studio, you have seen a photo of her big sister  Garnett,- in it she is wearing a princess outfit and sitting regally in a chair on a big pile of dirt. It is a favourite of mine.

It reminds me to let kids, my kids, be themselves. It reminds me of a session where we played, laughed, where I witnessed mom Barb ,basking in joy as she watched her daughter play. That is the type of mom Barb is. Loving, respectful, fun.

Since that photo her and partner Les have increased their brood to a group of three beautiful girls. Each different, each beautiful.

Being with them reminded me of how fleeting life is, how quickly it changes, and what rich gifts it brings us.

Pria was a doll during our session, just taking in everything that was going on around her, like she was always meant to be the little sister.