26Aug '11

Lauren and Juan Carlos say I do under blue skies

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Yes, they were surrounded by loving friends and family, many who dropped a tear during their ceremony, which was in front of a clear blue ocean view. However, he looked at her and she looked at him, and it was easily as if they were the only ones there. When holding hands, hugging or just standing near each other they seemed to melt into each other. 

Lauren is an accountant, but she calls herself an “a-clown-tant” – we see why, her humor and timing is impeccable! She is also down to earth, gutsy and stunning, I see why Juan Carlos couldn’t keep his eyes off her all day. She also has conviction, especially when it came to falling in love with her handsome groom Juan Carlos, who has a smile that will make you melt and the sweetest gentle energy. 
Lauren and Juan Carlos started with a first-look, and after photographs they said I do at Lauren’s mom and step-dad’s house alongside the ocean. (An interesting note, is ten years ago when I had just moved here, I photographed Lauren’s mom and step-dad’s wedding at the same location at approximately the same date, so I felt pretty special to be asked back.)
After champagne and visiting, the wedding was crashed by a Queen Elizabeth Impersonator leading into an evening of good food, friends and celebration.

Tent Rentals: All in One Party Shop
Entertainment: Caroline Sadowska
Hair and Makeup: Roots the Salon