14Feb '10

Welcome baby Taeia

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I’m going to lay it on the line here. I have had these photos ready to blog for more than a few days, and I know that mom and dad have been waiting and checking. I kept going to blog them, and then I would move onto something else, even when I knew they were waiting.
My intention was actually to blog them right away.
But, I didn’t know what to say. Sure I could fill this space up with words, if you know me, you know being chatty is one of my forte’s – but I probably wouldn’t say the right ones.

This session will  be one of the most important to me this year, and yes, I know it is only February,  but I say this with confidence.

I first met Taeia’s  parents last year when I had the privilege and unique experience of spending time with them at Vancouver Children’s Hospital where I photographed their daughter Ali, who was fighting for her life. Ali passed away last year, and since then, the family has never been far from my thoughts, and I made sure to take life lessons from my experience with them – thank you!

Taeia entered this world to a family whose heart was already open and waiting.

She is a beauty, just like her mother, and a charmer, like her dad.

Thank you for letting me be part of your journey – your openness and honesty is inspiring – Taeia is a blessed girl. Happy Valentines Taeia.

Some knowing eyes:


love the superhero stretch: