9May '10


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I was going to to avoid a mother’s day post.   Because today I feel like I can’t write about what it means to me to be a mother without crying, without my heart hurting – because the love and feelings are so intense.

I am a mom to one, a step mom to four and the daughter of the most inspiring woman I have ever met. I am a sister to an amazing mom who inspires my parenting. How do I sum up those feelings in an early morning blog post?

My daughter treats me like every day is mother’s day, honestly, we are pretty sure she is Hallmark staff material. She loves her mama big-time, and is equally passionate about sharing her feelings,  in words, writing and art. So mother’s day for her is just a reason to amp up the expression of her love. My work desk has more love notes on it than it does work. I am not complaining.

It’s a beautiful thing.

My kid and I celebrated yesterday, we started with a visit with my mom, then she took me to the Courtenay Museum, Fish and Chips at Porches and then a bike ride. I could repeat the day each weekend, minus the fish and chips which were coma inducing.

She asks me, does everyone love their mama as much as I do? I know I do. I am starting to tear up just thinking about what my mom has taught me – so I am going to shut er’ down.

I am off to photograph Mother’s Day mini-sessions and getting emotional at each one might slow down the photographic process today.Today in my shooting I am going to concentrate on capturing the moment, the moment when the mom’s and daughter’s eyes sparkle as they think about each other. 

It is going to be a beautiful day.

Here is something for Jan and Jonathan, who welcomed the sweet and beautiful Raven Elizabeth (I have a name crush on her,) at the end of April.

You might know Jan as she is the owner of Dark Side Chocolates in Cumberland, I felt like I was with a celebrity when I was photographing her. If you have had her Salter Carmel Chocolates you will know why. They truly are the absolute, without a doubt best chocolates I have ever had – and I fancy myself a bit of a chocolate snob.

The look on Jan’s face as we took the bottom photo was absolutely priceless.