19Jun '11

The dad in our house

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I think being a father is complicated and often confusing. Over the last 50 years men and women’s roles in the family has become more similar, gone are the clearcut roles, and with that came both parents needing be be jack of all trades – as homemakers and parents. I know among my women friends, over coffee, over wine, we talk about the joys, frustrations and challenges of trying to make it all work – of being great partners to our hubbies, of having time for ourselves, of raising our children, paying the bills, all while feeling balanced and happy!!! It’s A LOT. I know I couldn’t do it with out those heart to hearts with my girlfriends and sisters. 

But men, dads … let’s face it they don’t (typically) call up a friend, venting, “I am overwhelmed,” – “I feel disconnected from my wife,” – “I need more me time,” – “I fear I am losing myself” –  typically, men to men heart to heart sessions don’t happen like it does in the gal community. Heck, I can have a genuine power share in the aisle’s of the grocery store with someone that can get me through the day. 
Yet, dads are often facing the same challenges us moms are. 
I think of the dad in our house. How he works to please us all, puts up with our highs and lows (he does live with five female’s after all) and keeps  loving us through them. I feel proud. I hope he does as well. 
We love you and our love for you unites us. 
John is away working this week, and we celebrating Father’s Day last week. As part of the day we presented him with a 36 inch print of the above  image.  It made us so happy to create it and the look on his face when he received it is one I will always remember.  I love the opportunity father’s day gives us to unite in reminding you how important you are to us.