5Jan '10

I really did this

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I was a cat person or a no pet person. I had pets when I was little and loved them to bits, I didn’t need to re-experience that. But then, my daughter entered grade one and to cope with the mama heartstrings this pulled at I decided we should get a dog and once I get my sights set on something I am on a mission – so after helping John see that obviously a dog would be good for our family Utah entered our life.

I know she was so meant to be, because we got her at the shoe store – for real! This happened.

I use to have no time for small dogs, then I realized, all cuteness aside, it was the most practical choice for our family – really, I wasn’t swayed by the fact that they are absolutely adorable.

Dressing a dog? Ummm, yah, no way. Obnoxious. Unless it was practical, like the super cool lime green little coat Utah scored for a holiday gift. Every dog needs a coat with a hood – right?

But put me, Jennifer, Christine and Rhonda in the studio with Utah and this is what can happen.
I blame the three of them entirely.



I promise this isn’t a new creative direction for me and I’m not crossing my fingers behind my back.