27Mar '10

A really good weekend, with icing

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I just came back from a whirlwind shopping spree, possibly my first one and and definitely not my last – I feel so accomplished.
Over the last few months my work wardrobe has become very consistent, meaning, I wear the same thing way to often – it was time.
I have deep love for some local shops, Bling, Jipsi, Be, Cherry Wine, big city shops have nothing on you. Sometimes though, the city, is what you need.
I had three hours in Victoria so skipped lunch and my low blood sugar self kicked into high gear.
I hit one of my favourite shops ever, Paradise Cove, which is owned by the sisters of Courtenay’s Sarah Seeds. It is a little shop, with the most amazing customer service, and they make me try on things I would never consider – I walk out with a bag of hipness.
I did the mall and boutique rounds, and on my way out of town I was accompanied by five shopping bags – it was a legendary spree. I brought my camera, but with all that shopping, didn’t click the shutter once.
I picked up my big sister at the airport and we headed to Bear Mountain for the night. My sister travels often for work, so I love to ride her coat-tails, as she springs for the martini’s and we seem to always get upgraded to a top suite.
In the morning we kicked ourself out of bed at a ridiculous hour and boogied to Hornby Island to join the rest of the family for an evening.  My sister made me a lovely pre-birthday curry dinner and her famous lemon-drop martinis. Then I took my content, sleepy self off to bed. When I am Hornby I often sleep in the van.  From chi-chi hotel suite to camper van – I adore that my life brings both.

A few weeks ago my life was a whirlwind of photo sessions,so I have so much to blog. Meet the adorably sweet


. I love her look, she has a classic old-school beauty and was just a little gem in the studio.

100% sweetness. Looking at her photos and being reminded that I get to live my life photographing gifts like her, is the icing on my amazing weekend.