24May '11

I felt old, and fortunate – Outdoor Family Portrait

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A sweet Friday night, one that finally feels like summer, I pull up to a favorite place, and suddenly I age. The lovely family that rolls out of the car did so once before with me, ten years ago – mom Tammy looks the same, gorgeous and natural, but Brittany and Jordan, now 16 and 18 were much different when they were last in front of my lens. 

I remember them, they truly were one of my very first clients here. I am so thankful for that, for them, and the families who supported me when I made that move from a big city girl to try my hand at small town living. 
The last ten years have been good to me, and the rewards are sweet – especially when I get to stand in a beatiful spot with three amazing people, who are willing not only to have me photograph them again, but to share a laugh with me. 
The photos came together so naturally, and we had to grab a few of Jordan as it is his grad year – it was an easy shot to get, thanks to Brittany who was able to provide from kind sister teasing.