23Jan '12

How to sum up a weekend like that… the Boudoir Marathon

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I feel emotional, it is what happens when you have a weekend that you knew would be fabulous, but then totally exceeds your expectations.  It happens when you are surrounded by inspirational women.

Leading up to the Boudoir Marathon I felt a great sense of calm, until Friday, when the vibe around here was one of getting ready for a grand party. Jen, Christine and I arrived at the Kingfisher – with snow coming down outside it was  sweet and cozy. We set up our makeup area, the cocktails and got the music rolling – oh  and the little giftbags with homemade cupcakes courtesy of our dear friend Rhonda, (who some of you might remember from when she worked for me.) The shooting room was perfection, lots of room for our lighting, a private change area and and beautiful natural light. When the first person arrived we were giddy! The afternoon passed in a blur.. of beauty.
Saturday morning we did a little tweaking of our make-up area, and other than that were ready to roll. Nature brought us something a little different then the day before, sun streamed through the windows as women of all ages and sizes arrived nervous and excited. They left beaming and some even teary eyed, feeling proud for loving and embracing themselves. I truly thing each person gave me goosebumps.
Sunday, it stormed and it poured, which set such a warm welcoming atmosphere. We were expecting a power outage like much of the island, but no such luck, we were actually a little disappointed as we felt proud of ourselves for being prepared for one, as we brought back up studio power. On Sunday we laughed and laughed, often at ourselves, but also at all the funny stories people shared. It really did feel like a party.
I think I can speak for both Jen and I when I say it was a moving weekend. I honestly cried about six times – you all have so much to offer and were shining so brightly.
It was beautiful.
I feel inspired by all the woman I photographed. When creating these photos, of course it is about the images, but just as much, it is about the experience and the process of accepting and loving yourself.
Thank you for coming and thank you to all of you who helped spread the word. Over the next few months look for some news regarding our boudoir sessions.
I just opened my email in box, and I a moved by your kind sweet words. Thank you for affirming my passion…..
I would like to share a few of the emails that are filling my heart right now –
From M:
I have been struggling to find the words to express my appreciation to you. I have written and deleted several facebook posts and emails because my words just cannot do my feelings justice!!!
Thank you <3 Thank you <3 Thank you for giving of yourself to create such a memorable experience in an incredibly safe, trusting environment. I cannot wait to see your creations and it brings tears to my eyes to think about the other women sharing this experience as they too experience their beauty unveiledThank you to Jennifer…I can’t wait to see what her artistic perspective reveals. Thank you to Crystal for (in a very short time) working her makeup magic in a way that respected and reflected what was important to me. Thank you to Christine for helping me with scheduling so I was able to be there. *Lump in throat*Eyes welled up*
From W:
Great day yesterday as I’m sure your whole weekend was – it really added to the whole atmosphere having such a wild, blustery day. You’re amazing and I loved your comment on FB “Boudoir Marathon done – finish line crossed – and I feel like I won!”. You & Jen are such a wonderful team, professional, yet relaxed & fun – awesome !
From C:
It was such a liberating and, not to mention amazingly fun, experience with the two of you today.  With Rachelle’s expert hand for the ultimate make-up, it was a perfect way for D and I to have a girl’s day together.  Kudos to all of you for putting it all together, I’ll never forget today. 

From P:
The smirk has carried over to today! Absolutely wonderful experience…Crystal and Jen are both lovely…you all put me at ease and it was a pretty darn relaxing, special experience. I felt like an adored and celebrated model in some kind of fantasy (and that happiness and feeling of power has spilled over into real life).Thank you!

Very happy to hear you have some fave pics from the shoot. You and Jen both gave good direction 🙂 and the makeup…oh wow…the makeup…now, that was a bit of a stretch. It was all a stretch but a good one! Thank you!
From J:

I just wanted to thank both you and Jen for the amazing day. You were both so encouraging, and fun. I was so so nervous..but you both put me at ease pretty quickly. It was an emotional day for me. While it was tough initially to be so vulnerable,  I ended up feeling really empowered and beautiful. This experience is truly special – as are you and your team!  Oh…and I gobbled up my cupcake on the drive back to Campbell River. It was amazing- thank you! Now I just have to be patient…I started to panic this afternoon, worrying about my pictures. But now I am revelling in the day…confident that I will have some damn sexy pictures for my wonderful husband and I. Blessings to to Karen. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

And a few more thank you’s…

To the fabulous Kingfisher. When I first approached them they blew me away with their enthusiasm and as I planned it their support was unwaivering. Throughout the weekend they were so attentive to any needs we add. The only problem is now I always want to stay in in the fanciest room at a hotel – I am already planning a get away back to the room we used.

To Tamara from Purely Flowers for the beautiful fresh flowers. 

Our amazing make-up artists who understand my vision so perfectly and set the stage for a great shoot. Crystal-Lee from Roots the Salon and Richelle Newsom who came from Vancouver (and is available for make-up on the Island.) 

My dear friend Rhonda for the yummy cupcakes. 

And to my cohort Jennifer Dodd – I am so fortunate to have a photographer friend that can   read their mind, put up with my verbal processing, and take such beautiful photos.  I am so thrilled that Jen will be taking on an associate photographer role for any of our Boudoir events. xoxox