25Mar '10

Alone on the island

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I am off to Victoria today, my big sis is flying in and I am picking her up and we are hitting Bear Mountain for the night.

I think you need a holiday after a holiday, I have been back for about three weeks and need to re-connect with my holiday self.

I am someone who likes to be around people, pretty much all the time, until I need a break – and when that moment comes, it hit hards. I have so many ideas and thoughts swirling in my head right now and the three hours of quiet driving to Vic, should help me edit them down.  Other parents out there, I know you are hearing what I am saying.

I am  needing to shop. Yes, needing to, not wanting to – okay well I don`t really mind. It`s a tough spot to be in, but I am taking it like a trouper! I am going to hit Lens and Shutter and pick up a few do-dads, head to Roots to get another one of my favourite purses, (this is a life changing purse folks, worthy of it`s own blog post at a later date,) and pick up my birthday present courtesy of my lovely John.

Birthday week doesn`t kick off until April 2,  but it`s good to warm up.

Then I am off to Hornby for a night with mom, and the sister and the kids. Laughing so hard you are crying is guaranteed to take place, as is enjoying a delicious sister made curry birthday dinner and the perfect morning mother made coffee.

I have been working on re-arranging our photos at home and I needed a new one of Gabby, here she is ..ahhhh… love her, watch out, if she smiles at you, it will pull at a special place in your heart.