28May '10

It’s kind of an Awesome Day

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I am feeling so excited today that I am not going to let the fact that I just wrote a whole blog post and didn’t save it, kill my mojo.

There is much goodness happening this weekend.

13 of the most fabulous women are coming into my studio for a Bella Party tonight. Each year at the YANA auction I like to donate something big, the last few years it has been to “own me for a day” this year a group of my gals bid on me for a Bella Party. I am so excited, these women are smart, very witty, kind, real, funny and so much more. I can’t wait to show them how beautiful they are. Chrystal from Roots the Salon will be on site doing her make-up magic and the evening is being catered by Brambles Market.
I am excited, and nervous. These woman mean a lot to me. They have all been so supportive,  personally and professionally. Even though I often only see them once a month, it is so empowering and meaningful to know that a group of women has each other’s back. I plan on growing old, meeting them once a month to talk books, food and everything else.

Christine and I will be at the Bellies, Birth and Babies fair from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Filberg Centre.  We have been incredibly impressed with how well organized this event, hosted by the Comox Valley Doulas, has been, so please tell your friend and come down and say hello.
The event is free, and there will be workshops throughout the day.

Afterwards, I am off to an evening of beer tasting at Surgenor’s Brewery with my Roller Derby team. Yes, I am on a Roller Derby team, but that deserves a future post of it’s own.

Chilling and computer work because……

Off on holiday for a week to Tofino (Christine will be holding the fort down here if you need anything.)

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