19Dec '11

How I did Victoria

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Last week my mom, myself and my daughter hit the road for a few days. There was so much to do at home and work, and I had some decisions to make, so we took off. Yes, just like that, sometimes when the world is whirling around you, you just need to step outside of it it. So we headed to Victoria for some three of us time.

I have my typical Victoria routine, but this time I threw on a little tourist cap and we followed my mom’s lead, the lady has it figured out. So here are few of our collective tips
1. Hotel. If you aren’t already a Hotwire Fan, jump on board. With Hotwire you can search the location, dates and amenitiens you want and then book. The catch is that you don’t know what hotel you are staying in until after you book. What I love about Hotwire is it saves me hours of obsessing and googling hotel options. This time, however, we stayed at the Best Western Carlton. It is right on Johnson off Douglas. Usually I love to stay in the inner harbour, but this location was fabulous. The hotel has free parking and once we parked we didn’t get in our car for the whole time we were there. The Carlton isn’t fancy but the service was so nice, the internet was free and free parking including the day you need to check out made up for the lack of fluffy robes. 
2. Zambri’s. If you haven’t been to this mouthwatering restaurant just go. It is a top rated establishment that will have you wanting to come back the next night for what I describe as their smooth, light comforting Italian style. This restaurant definitely sits in my top time. 
3. The Royal BC Museum. Why I have never been? It is charming, and full of intrigue for both grown-ups and children. This museum is a real treasure. We explored the natural history section and were reminded of all BC has to offer and played make-belive in the old town section. It really is a must and I would leave two to three hours.  
4. Chinese Food. We hit up china town for some real chinese food, something the Comox Valley just doesn’t offer. I had Mu-Sho-Pork for the first time in ten years, and it brought me back to when my sisters used to tell me I wasn’t old enough to have it so that they could have more. 
5. The Bug Museum. Most of know about the bug museum, yet I was still wowed by our experience. If you can go during  a week day you will most likely receive your own private guide. We spent a good hour there. The kid loved it and I did a respectable job of hiding my disgust of the large spiders and creepy black centipedes. 
6. The Empress. A walk through the Empress as we headed back to the hotel from the museum proved a fine place for adventure and a short history lesson. It’s a free activity best pre-cursed by the reading of one of my favourite children’s books Eloise.