16Jun '16

St Joseph’s Hospital Storytelling Photos

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The world of medical care is a place where I feel cushioned by gratitude. Since having critically ill sick children, and then going on to tell their story in photos, as well as those of other children, the hospital for me is a place of safety and community.

For the second time,  I joined St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation as a volunteer to capture portraits and moments of the difference makers and the patients under their care. It is always an inspiring project. Initially there is some fear as to if the patients will allow us to photograph them. Each time though, our requests are met with enthusiasm – most people share that same sense of appreciation I carry and are honored to share their story.

Over a few days we visited different departments. Like much of what I do, it was an opportunity to learn more  – this time about what goes on daily in this bustling hive of our community and to build compassion for those seeking care – it was also a chance to see those that I know outside of their jobs, in their professional element.

It is an unfortunate reality that fundraising is a significant part of ensuring our hospital runs efficiently. The Foundation is responsible for purchasing key pieces of equipment that shorten wait times, decrease our need to travel for care, and makes the job of health care professionals more successful.

I know for many, it is a charity not quite on their radar – “yet”.  Please take a moment next time you see it in the paper, on facebook, or in the community to learn a bit more about why they are so important.

Later today they will be revealing their new name, logo and website and I will be sure to share it over on my FB page.